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Mining & Energy Law

Mining is one of Nicaragua’s major industries and represents a significant portion of the economy. This growth of the Nicaraguan mining industry has been accompanied by the development of a regulatory framework to govern and direct these mining activities. Similarly, the extraction of energy resources and energy production is also governed by laws and administrative regulations. If you are in need of legal help to navigate complex mining laws, look no further than Alvarado y Asociados. We have a record of success on important energy and mining projects, including the legal and corporate platform of operations, obtaining concessions and required permits.

The laws and regulations governing mining activity and energy extraction and production can have a significant impact on your business’s operations and bottom line. For example, failure to apply for and obtain all necessary regulatory permits can result in the cessation of your business activities until these permits are obtained. This can require you to modify your business plans and deadlines, pay a substantial amount of money to comply with any permit requirements, and may even result in a competitor benefiting from your misfortune.

Rather than risk the future of your mining or energy operation, consult with the dedicated team of mining law and energy law attorneys at Alvarado and Associates. Their combined knowledge and skill in this area can provide your business with a distinct advantage and save you time and money. Alvarado y Asociados’ attorneys are intimately familiar with the laws and regulations concerning mining and energy-related activities and can help you develop a plan to obtain the permits you need, comply with the applicable laws and regulations, and execute your business operations with as little inconvenience to you as possible