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Labor Law

Employees are the lifeblood that keeps any business running smoothly. Taking care of your employees is not only a good business practice: it is the law. Employers who take advantage of their workers can face a number of negative consequences. Not only are existing employees more likely to leave and new employees will be hard to find, but your business’s reputation may be tarnished, resulting in loss of customers. In some extreme cases, you may be sanctioned or fined by the government. These consequences can largely be avoided by simply consulting with one of Alvarado y Asociados’ experienced labor law attorneys.

Nicaragua’s labor and employment laws are meant to protect workers on the jobsite. Employers are prohibited from engaging in discriminatory practices in hiring and employment (such as discriminating against an employee because she is a woman as opposed to a man), from unlawfully using child labor, and from forced overtime or forced labor. In addition, employers must provide their workers with decent and safe working conditions.

Our labor law attorneys at Alvarado y Asociados are intimately familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding the employer – employee relationship. For business owners, we can analyze your business’s operations, practices, and internal regulations to find areas of potential liability where you may not be in compliance with the law. Whether your business is domestic or foreign to Nicaragua, keeping your business in compliance with Nicaragua’s labor laws is important to your company’s continued success and seamless operations.