Practice Areas

Business & Corporate Law

Starting and running a successful business is no simple task. Aside from the more business-oriented tasks of developing and marketing a successful product or service and ensuring profits exceed expenses, there are numerous legal-oriented tasks to complete as well. Experienced business and corporate law counsel can help you with selecting the appropriate business form, drafting articles of incorporation and bylaws, and registering your business with the Nicaraguan government.

The assistance your business and corporate law attorney provides does not end when your business is established. During the course of your business you will undoubtedly encounter various legal issues touching on areas of the law such as employment and labor law, mining law and the law pertaining to similar industries, contract law, immigration law, and civil law. Your business law attorney can examine the operations of your business to ensure you are not exposing yourself needlessly to liability in any of these areas. If a dispute does arise, your business law attorney can provide you with legal guidance and counsel when trying to resolve the situation amicably without the need for prolonged conflict.

At Alvarado y Asociados, we aim to provide helpful and accurate legal counsel to business owners regardless of the size of their businesses or the legal issues they are facing. With extensive experience assisting some of the largest companies around the globe, we have the skills necessary to deliver the highest level of counsel to our clients of all sizes. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about current Nicaraguan laws affecting business and are thus able to provide clients with advice that reflects current laws.