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Banking & Financing Law

The Nicaraguan banking sector has experienced a number of changes over the past fifty years. Banks in Nicaragua are regulated by the Superintendent Office for Banks and Financial Institutions, which is the government’s regulatory agency that oversees new and existing banks. If you intend to open a national bank in Nicaragua or want to open a branch of an international bank in Nicaragua, you can expect numerous regulations that must be complied with in order to receive approval from the Superintendent Office for Banks. Even foreigners who wish to open a bank account in Nicaragua must comply with certain government regulations.

Banking activities and financing deals can require negotiations between national and international parties and approval from government agencies. Using local counsel that is familiar with the appropriate regulations as well as skilled in negotiating these complex agreements is essential to ensure a successful and speedy agreement is reached. Failing to select and utilize the right legal counsel can delay your goals or even halt your plans indefinitely.

At Alvarado y Asociados, our attorneys have significant experience in advising clients seeking to engage in banking or financing activities in Nicaragua. We can advise you as to relevant regulations that will impact your plans and help you secure approval from the appropriate government agencies. Throughout your project, we are available to our clients to answer their legal questions, draft necessary banking and financing documents, negotiate and close agreements, secure necessary permits, and represent them before government agencies and officials.