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Litigation is inherently stressful for businesses of all sizes, because it is rooted in conflict. That is why you want to know you are heading to court with the best legal team on your side. Our litigation lawyers are experienced litigators and are able to help you win your case in court. We have a track-record of success on these matters and have favorably handled many large and important litigation cases throughout Nicaragua.

When using the court to resolve disputes, it is critical to have a legal advocate that not only possesses powerful skills of persuasion but also a deep-rooted familiarity with rules and procedures for filing a case. An understanding of the rules of civil procedure often allows for speedy and efficient outcomes.

Litigation is often the last step in the resolution of a dispute and is usually pursued once other means of resolving the dispute have failed. You will usually have only one chance to “litigate” your case.

At Alvarado and Associates, we are skilled litigators who know how prepare a case and present that case in court. Although not every case will need to be litigated in court, we prepare each case with the courtroom in mind. This allows us to present your case in the most convincing light and can encourage your opponent to settle the case early. Where settlement is not possible, we are prepared to take your case into the courtroom and achieve a favorable outcome for you.