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Foreign Investments

Foreign investors looking to bring their investment projects to Nicaragua will typically find the investment environment hospitable thanks to agreements such as the Fair Trade Agreement between the United States, Central America, and the Dominican Republic (CAFTA-DR). This agreement provides foreign investors with:

  • Protections against discriminatory treatment;
  • Limits on performance requirements;
  • Free transfer of investment funds;
  • Some protection against expropriation;
  • A minimum standard of treatment; and
  • The ability to hire certain managerial personnel without regard to their nationality.

While CAFTA-DR and other similar agreements provide foreign investors looking to invest in a business venture in Nicaragua with some protections, the manner in which these agreements interact with Nicaraguan national laws can be confusing.

Foreign investment attorneys that are thoroughly familiar with national and international laws and treaties are invaluable allies for those looking to invest in a Nicaraguan business or other venture. Depending on your business’s or venture’s planned activities, there may be permits that must be acquired or specialized regulations that must be complied with. A foreign investment attorney is also able to represent you and your interests and activities to government regulatory authorities seeking documentation of your venture’s compliance with national laws and regulations.

If you are looking to invest in a business or other venture in Nicaragua, the foreign investment attorneys of Alvarado y Asociados are prepared to help you. We will ensure your project complies with all applicable national laws and that your rights are protected under international law and treaties. Contact us to learn more about how our experience and expertise can be of service to you.