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Environmental Law

Over the past several decades environmental law has become an area of law whose impact can be felt by individuals and businesses alike. While certain activities such as mining and energy production may create environmental concerns, other more benign activities such as real estate sales and transportation contracts can also raise environmental issues. These issues need to be resolved quickly by the skilled environmental law attorneys at Alvarado and Associates. Attorneys at our firm have represented clients in a range of environmental administrative settlements and agreements. We are proud of our outstanding and lauded results in those dealings.

Environmental law consists of a complex network of statutes and regulations that operate to protect natural resources. These laws and regulations also ensure that certain activities with the potential to impact the environment are conducted in such a manner as to limit the extent of environmental damage. As a result, if you are not mindful of environmental laws and regulations that apply to your circumstances, you may face fines and penalties, be required to undertake costly remedial measures, or can be denied necessary permits.

When deciding on a course of action for yourself, your family, or your business, be sure to discuss your circumstances with the team at Alvarado y Asociados. Our experienced professionals can evaluate your situation, advise you of potential environmental laws that might affect your decisions, and help you formulate a plan to achieve your goals while complying with environmental regulations. If you are facing repercussions because of actions you took that violated environmental laws, we can also help minimize any penalties and help you get your plans back on track.