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Dispute Resolution

Court trials are expensive and time-consuming for individuals and businesses alike. This is why many parties who are involved in legal disputes choose to settle their cases through arbitration, mediation, or some other form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). These methods of resolving the cases tend to involve fewer costs, faster decisions, and can leave both parties feeling better about the process. During these processes, it is still possible for you to give up important legal protections and rights. Therefore, it is a mistake to enter an alternative dispute resolution process without experienced legal counsel by your side.

Arbitration involves both parties submitting evidence and making arguments to an arbitrator in a type of abbreviated trial. While an arbitrator is not a judge, the parties typically agree to be bound by the decision of the arbitrator. Going into an arbitration without legal counsel can result in important evidence and crucial arguments not being considered, thus increasing the chances of an unfavorable outcome.

Mediation is similar to arbitration in that the parties to mediation also submit their case to a third-party mediator. In mediation, however, the mediator’s goal is to have the parties reach a compromise or agreement that will settle their dispute. A mediator has no independent power to impose an agreement on the parties, and either party can refuse to accept an agreement proposed by the mediator. Once agreed to, however, a mediated agreement can be accepted by the court and becomes an enforceable order.

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