Posted by: Carlos Navarro| Senior Associate at Alvarado y Asociados

Fiscal Treatment Analysis on the Sale of Shares of a Nicaraguan Corporation.

Before the enactment and entry into force of Law No. 822, Law on Tax agreement (LCT for its acronym in Spanish), its Regulations and subsequent amendments, there was a unique way in which the income tax levied the revenue generated by a taxable person. However, with the LCT, new concepts were introduced like Capital Income and Capital Gains, which are different and have a different tax treatment than Labor Income Tax (perceived

Posted by: Fabiola Urbina | Senior Associate at Alvarado y Asociados

Acquisition of Property along the Nicaraguan Border

Over the last couple of years, Nicaragua has become an important destination for many foreigners who visit, not only with the intention of vacationing in Nicaragua but also to purchase property to be used either as a residence or investment. Often times, foreigners are unaware of our legislation and the limitations this may impose on them when acquiring property within our territory.

Posted by: Zayda Cubas | Junior Partner at Alvarado y Asociados

Certification Marks

Nicaragua is one of the countries that provides protection for certification marks, the governing law to register certification marks in Nicaragua is the Law No. 380, Law of Trademarks and Other Distinctive Signs. A certification mark is a sign applied to products or services whose characteristics or quality have been certified by the trademark holder.

Posted by: Francisco Alvarado | Associate at Alvarado y Asociados

Trademark Protection in Nicaragua

A trademark, a visible sign composed by words, letters, numbers, images, and shapes or any combination of the previous that has as main feature the distinctive character, is the best tool to distinguish goods and services from competitors. As such, it is important to know the legal actions that every owner of a trademark, whether legal or natural person, can exercise to defend their rights against third parties who attempt to misuse the same, or a similar mark.

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Legislative Development in Nicaragua: A New Code of Civil Procedure

The dawn of the 21st Century in Nicaragua revealed a horizon with high expectations for the legal arena. It seemed like the right time to move forward, to take steps towards the modernization and upgrade of certain legal institutions, bodies of laws and procedures which, in some cases, were anchored in the 19th Century.

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