Jul 7, 2023 | English Blog

 Posted by: Aura Torrez | Associate at Alvarado y Asociados.

                                                             MINISTRY OF DEVELOPMENT, INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE

CENTRAL AMERICAN TECHNICAL REGULATION RTCA 23.01.80:21 ICS: 23.120 ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS. FIXED SPEED SPLIT AIR CONDITIONERS, FREE DISCHARGE AND WITHOUT AIR DUCTS. ENERGY EFFICIENCY SPECIFICATIONS. The purpose of this Regulation is to establish the minimum seasonal energy efficiency ratio, the test method, the conformity assessment procedure, and the labeling, which Fixed Speed Split Air Conditioners, Ductless Free Discharge and whitout air ducts must comply with (known as minisplit and multisplit), simple cycle (cold only) or reversible cycle (heat pump), which are manufactured, imported or marketed in the States Parties. Gazette No. 99, Pages 4565 to 4571, of 06/06/2023.

                                                   SUPERINTENDENCY OF BANKS AND OTHER FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS

RESOLUTION CD-SIBOIF-1380-1-MAY29-2023 AMENDMENT STANDARD TO ARTICLES 4, 8 AND 9 OF THE STANDARD ON INVESTMENT LIMITS OF INSURANCE, REINSURANCE AND BOND COMPANIES. Dated May 29, 2023. The purpose of this Standard articles 4, 8 and 9 of the Standard on Investment Limits of Insurance, Reinsurance and Bond Companies are amended, in order to establish a global limit on investments in foreign instruments, in order to mitigate concentration risks in the portfolio of insurance and reinsurance institutions and diversify the placement of these resources, as well as make other modifications derived from the limit indicated above. Gazette No. 115, Pages 5742 to 5744, of 06/28/2023.

RESOLUTION No. CD-CONAMI-017-01ABR27-2023 STANDARD ON SUBMISSION OF FINANCIAL, CREDIT AND STATISTICAL INFORMATION. Dated April 27, 2023. The purpose of this Standard is to regulate the processes for sending financial, credit and statistical information from IFIMs to CONAMI, electronically and physically. The provisions of this standard are applicable to Microfinance Intermediary Financial Institutions (IFIM), registered in the IFIM National Registry, attached to the National Microfinance Commission (CONAMI). Gazette No. 115, Pages 5744 to 5748, of 06/28/2023.