Legal Update: Laws, Decrees, Agreements and Resolutions published in The Official Gazette March 2022

Apr 11, 2022 | English Blog

Posted by: Aura Torrez | Associate at Alvarado y Asociados.


CENTRAL AMERICAN TECHNICAL REGULATION RTCA 23.01.78:20 ICS 23.120 ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS. INVERTER SPLIT TYPE AIR CONDITIONERS, WITH VARIABLE REFRIGERANT FLOW, FREE DISCHARGE AND WITHOUT AIR DUCTS. ENERGY EFFICIENCY SPECIFICATIONS. The purpose of this Technical Regulation is to establish the minimum Energy Efficiency requirements, the test method, the conformity assessment procedure and the labeling, which must be met by split-type inverter air conditioners with variable refrigerant flow free discharge and without air ducts, which are manufactured, imported or marketed in the States Parties. Applies to the devices described above operated with electrical energy in nominal cooling capacities up to 19,050 Wt (65,000 BTU) that work with mechanical compression and that include an evaporative coil air cooler, a frequency compressor with variable refrigerant flow and an air-cooled condenser coil, which are manufactured, imported or marketed in the States Parties. Gazette No. 53, Pages 3220 to 3227, from 03/18/2022.



RESOLUTION CD-BCN-XVII-1-22 AMENDMENT AND ADDITIONS TO RESOLUTION CD-BCN-XV-1-15 “REGULATION OF THE ADMINISTRATORS OF ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEMS” Dated March 3, 2022. This resolution reforms the Regulation of the Administrators of Electronic Payment Systems, increasing the minimum initial capital stock from ten million córdobas (C$10,000,000.00) to thirteen million two hundred and seventeen thousand córdobas (C$13,217,000.00). Likewise, it is added as a requirement to obtain the license to present a certification from the corresponding corporate body, which denotes the list of shareholders registered in the share registry book with a percentage greater than or equal to 5% of the capital and the information of the final beneficiaries of these. Gazette No. 53, Pages 3245 to 3247, from 03/18/2022.




RESOLUTION CD-CONAMI-005-02FEB22-2022 STANDARD ON PATRIMONY OR MINIMUM SOCIAL CAPITAL OF MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS. Dated February 22, 2022. Through this Resolution, the validity of Resolution No. CD-CONAMI-002-02ENE28-2020 is extended, in which it was established to update the minimum capital of commercial companies and the patrimony of non-profit entities, registered as Institutions of Microfinance, in the National Registry of the IFIM, attached to the CONAMI, in seven million seven hundred thousand Córdobas (C$ 7,700,000.00), extending the update period to twelve months from the entry into force of this regulation. For the Microfinance Institutions that request their registration in the National Registry of the IFIM, after the entry into force of this Regulation, they must have the minimum equity or capital established in this Regulation. Gazette No. 55, Pages 3316 to 3318, from 03/22/2022.



REGULATION FOR THE REGISTRATION OF INDEPENDENT PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT FIRMS. Dated March 17, 2022. The purpose of this regulation is to establish the guidelines and requirements that Accounting Firms must comply with, for their registration in the Registry of Independent Public Accounting Firms of the Comptroller General of the Republic, in order to provide the Entities and Public Administration Organizations, timely, reliable and useful information that allows them to make decisions in the selection and hiring procedure of Accounting Firms, for the execution of the government audit. Gazette No. 59, Pages 3515 to 3525, from 03/28/2022.