Innovation and Intellectual Property

Sep 18, 2020 | English Blog

Innovation is a term widely used in the business field, which can refer to the changes that arise in relation to elements already used by companies and that helps to improve their products or services or the manufacturing of the same, such as the creation of new technology used in manufacturing processes or technology that is incorporated into such products.

Innovation represents novelty, and goes hand in hand with intellectual property since inventions incorporate creativity in different aspects.

In recent times the term green patent has been coined, encouraging the creation of inventions that help our planet, promoting the use of technologies thinking in the future of our home, the earth considering the state in which it is, caused by air pollution, deforestation, environmental pollution among others, which have caused global warming, extinction of animal species among other serious problems.

The initiative of certain governmental institutions worldwide, linked to Intellectual Property, as well as non-governmental organizations of lawyers associations and intellectual property agents to promote, encourage and motivate the creation and protection of green patents is worthy of applauding and supporting in order to improve our future on this planet. We can all contribute to a green future, it is necessary to support and raise awareness from schools, universities and through government initiatives to raise awareness of the damage that over the years has been caused to the world and work to improve it to have a better future.

Intellectual property encourages innovation and creativity; green patents are the grain of sand that contributes to a green future for a better world.

In this year 2020, on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, the World Intellectual Property Organization release a campaign called ¨Innovate for a Green Future¨ and we support it with our legal advice.