How Rights over a Trademark can expire in Nicaragua

Apr 21, 2023 | English Blog


 Posted by: Zayda Cubas | Associate at Alvarado y Asociados.

The termination of applicable rights over a registered trademark is a very important topic that should be known by all trademark owners, since the causes for termination are many and it is important to know about each of them. Our Intellectual Property Legislation, specifically, the Trademark Law and other Distinctive Signs (Law 380), which regulates the nullity and cancellation actions as well as the renounce of a trademark. The first two are judicial actions that can be exercised primarily by an interested third party in the nullity or cancellation of a registered trademark, and the third one, is a petition that can be filed before the Intellectual Property Registry by the owner of the trademark to obtain the cancellation of its registration.

It is important to mention that another cause of termination of the registration of a trademark, is due to the expiration of term granted when registered (10 years), or of the corresponding renewal period if this trademark is not renewed as required by law between the corresponding renewal period for an additional term of ten years.