Entrepreneurs and trademark registration

Apr 6, 2022 | English Blog

Posted by: Aura Torrez | Associate at Alvarado y Asociados.


Entrepreneurship is transforming an idea, an initiative and carrying out a project that can result in the creation of a product, a service or the management of a business.

It is increasingly common to hear about entrepreneurs, especially in the current era in which we live, in which the global health situation has forced many to devise new forms of economic subsistence. Obviously, it is not an easy task, but the human being has the ability to transform and develop in accordance with the situation that surrounds him. That’s where these people emerge with a vision of development, perseverance and ambition. Many great companies today emerged from these entrepreneurs with a vision of success, and surely many more will continue to be formed.

Every entrepreneur should know that registering the brand of their product, service or business is essential for its life. The brand is the way in which we make a product or service known, so that the consumer or user can easily identify the product or service, and thus create loyal consumers, with which the brand acquires added value.

Choosing a brand is not a simple matter since many factors are involved, such as the public to which the product or service is directed, if it is simple and easy to remember or if, on the contrary, it is too elaborate that it does not last in the mind of the consumer. And it can also happen that the mark is not registrable, either because it is similar to a third party’s trademark or because the mark is not distinctive enough.

Even though for some choosing a trademark is a simple process and for others it may not be, registering a trademark is the best way to protect a product or service. It is a process that with the right advice is simple. The first thing to do is a registry search, which, although optional, is a good way to find out if similar trademarks are already registered or in the process of being registered that may cause the non-registration of the new trademark. If there are no similarities with the new trademark, the trademark registration process can be started, the trademark registration application contains the data of the applicant who will be the owner of the trademark, the trademark itself and the products and/or services that protects. The registration of trademarks gives the right to prevent third parties from using in commerce a trademark identical or similar to the registered trademark. In this way, prevent an unscrupulous third party from wanting to take advantage of the good reputation that the brand has, an obviously unfair use of the value and effort that the owner of the brand has put into it.

We know that the start of any business is difficult, but investing in brand protection is essential, I am sure that we will continue to hear many more success stories from entrepreneurs and how their brands will be among the most recognized worldwide.


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