When you need experienced and knowledgeable help conducting a real estate transaction, look no further than the real estate attorneys of Alvarado y Asociados. Whether you are looking to purchase a new commercial space, acquire an industrial property, or examining leasing options for your business, any real estate transaction can benefit from the advice and assistance of our real estate lawyers. We have rendered services including the issuance of legal opinions on the legal status of the property involved, due diligence on the Title of Ownership, Land Registries, Cadastre Offices, Municipal and Tax Authorities, as well as the preparation and issuance of Titles´ Reports aimed to obtain Title Insurance Policies from international insurance companies.

Real estate transactions can be deceptive: they may appear to be easy to handle on your own, but unless you know what you are doing they can easily create problems for yourself and others. Many attempt to handle these types of contracts and transactions on their own as a way to save money. However, a poorly-drafted real estate contract can leave you in a disadvantageous position if the property is later found to have structural issues. Or an improperly-conducted title search can cause headaches for you later. In either case, the time and money necessary to correct real estate mistakes is often much greater than the resources needed to have a professional’s assistance from the outset.

Our specialized team skillfully carries out all the legal analysis and investigations to make sure a property is in good standing to be sold / purchased. We also prepare all documents for closing the deal, such as POAs, when necessary, as well as purchase agreement deeds together with all further registration procedures.

Alvarado y Asociados is ready and able to helping you with your next real estate transaction. Our experienced real estate lawyers will get to know you and your unique needs and circumstances. From there, we will formulate a plan with you so that your goals are achieved while your time and resources are used efficiently. Our attorneys are committed to earning your trust and confidence by providing exceptional legal representation and sound legal advice.