Senior Associate

Professional Experience: 

Roderick has been a litigation, labour and employment and corporate attorney for over 17 years.  Prior to becoming a part of the Alvarado y Asociados team, he was a sole practitioner with an extensive clientele, specializing in civil, family, notary, registry, and labour law. Mr. Salinas also has extensive experience as a property legalization specialist and corporate law.  

Higher Education:

  • National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, (UNAN), Bachelor of Laws Degree (J.D. equivalent), Nicaragua 2000;

  • Postgraduate Degree "In Family Law with emphasis on the new Code of Family of Nicaragua", National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN), 2015

  • Postgraduate Degree "Civil Procedure Law of Nicaragua, Oral Process", 2016 ".

  • Regulations of the Central American Court of Justice, UNAN, 1998
  • Perspective Legal Partner of Criminal Law in Central America, Panama, 2000 (FEDCA).
  • The Art of Public Expression, Negotiation, and High Management, SECAPRO, Nicaragua, 2000
  • The Promotion of Alternative Solution Mechanisms in Central America, San José, Costa Rica 2001 (FEDCA).
  • Application of the Administrative Contracting Law of the State: Specifically, Purchases, Contracting and Tenders, Managua, Nicaragua, 2001 (ENACAL).

Legal Practice: 

  • Family Law
  • Civil Law
  • Labor Law
  • Registry law
  • Property legalization specialist


Spanish and English