Nicaragua: Investing in the Heart of the Americas

Posted by: Alvarado y Asociados

Located in the heart of the Americas, Nicaragua has emerged as a fast-paced growing economy in the Central American isthmus. Its vastness in natural resources, privileged geographical location, variety of business opportunities and a strong legal-institutional framework, makes Nicaragua an attractive country to do business in.

In recent years, as a result of both direct and indirect foreign investment projects, Nicaragua has witnessed the development and growth of some economy sectors, such as mining, energy, telecommunications, free trade zones, tourism, finance, real-estate and others; which have helped with the diversification and expansion not only of businesses and economy dealings, but also of the legal, regulatory and institutional bodies providing the legal certainty required to create an adequate investment climate.

Nicaraguan economy has been evolving alongside the globalization phenomena, giving rise to a number of different opportunities with an increasing presence of multinational companies, foreign investors and entrepreneurs devoted to a wide-range of businesses, projects and enterprises, who have experienced the achievement of higher goals by investing in Nicaragua.

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