Posted by: Francisco Alvarado | Associate at Alvarado y Asociados

Plant Varieties in Nicaragua

When it comes to the application of plant variety regulations we must recognize that they are not commonly discussed or applied in our professional practice at a general level and are instead known to be practiced by a limited number of people who are directly related to the area of study, however it becomes contradictory when most of us at a certain moment of our lives have become the consumers of products that have completed a process of genetic modification either by natural causes or by manipulation through specialized 

Posted by: Miguel Vargas | Junior Associate at Alvarado y Asociados

Law No. 344 - The Promotion of Foreign Investments

“Nicaragua: the miracle of a growing economy”, is how the prestigious international Journal, Forbes from Mexico, defined the sustainable and accelerated economic growth experienced in our country in recent years. That article highlights the main reasons for the citizen safety/security in comparison to other countries in Central America and how attractive our country is

Posted by: Carlos Navarro| Senior Associate at Alvarado y Asociados

Tax News

TAX CONCERTATION LAW Article 127 of the Tax Concertation Law established a series of VAT Exemptions on transfer of goods; however, the same article said that in addition to those contained in the Law, Specific Listing would have to be published by the Ministry of Finance containing all goods that are exempt from transfer tax.

Posted by: Fabiola Urbina | Senior Associate at Alvarado y Asociados

Is it possible for a micro, small or medium company to obtain credit/financing and participate in procurement processes/adquisitions?

Many times it is difficult for micro, small and medium companies (MIPYMES in Spanish) to obtain credit or financing in order to, among others, improve their competitiveness or to be able to participate in procurement processes, due to lack of capacity to provide collateral or guarantees to ensure such credits or financing; or guarantees required in the procurement processes or acquisitions.

Posted by: Carlos Navarro| Senior Associate at Alvarado y Asociados

Fiscal Treatment Analysis on the Sale of Shares of a Nicaraguan Corporation.

Before the enactment and entry into force of Law No. 822, Law on Tax agreement (LCT for its acronym in Spanish), its Regulations and subsequent amendments, there was a unique way in which the income tax levied the revenue generated by a taxable person. However, with the LCT, new concepts were introduced like Capital Income and Capital Gains, which are different and have a different tax treatment than Labor Income Tax (perceived

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